A take on the traditional sport, Arena Polo is a fast-paced version of polo played outside in an enclosed all-weather surface or in an indoor arena. Regulated by the HPA (Hurlingham Polo Association), Arena Polo has its own rules.

The sport is played on a space 100 yards by 50 yards wide which is fully enclosed by walls of four or more feet tall. A typical game consists of four chukkas (or periods) of six and a half minutes each. The ball has the same characteristics as a mini football, being larger and softer than the hard plastic ball used in outdoor polo.

An Arena Polo team is made up of three players, meaning that the whole team has to commit to either attack or defence, quickly switching between the two, meaning the pace of the game is a lot quicker.

Arena Polo also makes a great introduction for beginners and novice players as it is a great way to learn to play polo. Arena polo is an all year round activity, making the sport quicker and easier to progress than its outdoor equivalent.